We are Northgate Marketing

A first-rate business venture always starts with a dream. Northgate’s certainly did. In 2019, when David Tracy gathered together like-minded friends who had both talent and imagination matching his plan to offer a combination first class ability and collaborative ethics unknown in the marketing business, the world noticed. Northgate began as though shot from a gun and hasn’t backed off since. Apparently, you were waiting for us.

Our International Team

Diversity is a buzzword in today’s world, but at Northgate, it’s business as usual. Our team gathers an almost dizzying myriad of languages, cultures, and time zones, joined by a single desire to use our best to reveal yours.

Hear from our founder: Our Story

David Tracy

CEO Founder

Philip Lin

Co-Founder / Biz Dev Asia

Ryan Reed

Co-Founder / CFO

Stacie Cordell

Director of Operations

Greg Althoff

Creative Director

Rodrigo Cisneros


Valerie Wu


Daniel Johnston

Video Producer

JoAnne Potter

Content Writer

Malena Toral

Social Media Specialist

Lily Wang

Photographer & Biz Dev

Andrew Reuss

Biz Dev Australasia

Nathaniel Tracy

Video Producer

Kanoa Reid

Video Producer

Selansia Crawford


Lisi Fredriksen

Biz Dev Europe